Unreal Engine Powered ‘Last Knight’ lands December 20th from Crescent Moon Games!
This just in: Last Knight (developed by Toco Games) is set to land December 20th from Crescent Moon Games. If you're a fan of endless run games, you'll be in for a nice surprise this time around. When it comes to developing games -- Crescent Moon is well known for their high-quality iOS games and this time around they've used the Unreal Engine to make Last Knight. Here's a quick over view of the features: Endless play (every game is different). On the fly randomly generated world. Story mode that will take you through a exciting journey with many crafted Level. Cutting edge graphics archived with the UDK. 6 different fantasy stylized environment themes. Various distinct enemies (each with their own behaviors). Ragdoll physics, use your lance to send your enemies flying. Advanced lighting and shader techniques. Momentum speed up, so, how fast can you get? Use the power or your lance to channel you a way through the dangerous environment. Last but not least, Last Knight is set to launch at $0.99!