Penguins Running to Hawaii? – ‘Aloha from Hawaii’ [Review]
My youngest son loves penguins, so when there is a penguin game, we usually need to download it. The premise of the game is simple. The penguins see a postcard from Hawaii and they decide they want to go there. You need to help the penguins get there by having them outrun the bad guys (animals) that are chasing them. This is basically a running game. There are four different penguins and each has its own skill. As you run you will need to try to collect ice cream cones and stars. When a level is over, you will be awarded up to 3 stars. If you get 3 out of 3 stars on all levels, then you can access the bonus levels. Aloha from Hawaii is a free game, but if you want to unlock the bonus levels and the other levels in the game, there are in-app purchases available There are no ads when you play which is nice. The game has 5 worlds you can run in but you need to purchase the full game to unlock them. You only get one level to start. Gameplay is smooth and the controls simple. There is one button to jump. You can double jump by double tapping. As I mentioned, each penguin a special ability, such as really long jump, smash through rock, slide, etc. so as you run you will need to use their special ability to progress. There is a group of animals following you so you need to keep ahead of them. If they over take you, you are done and you get to start over. Overall Aloha from Hawaii is a cute penguin running game. If you enjoy running type games, then you show give the game a try. If you like penguins, then you show give the game a try. If you like Hawaii, then hop on a plane and head over there and forget about this game and hit the beaches! Rating 3/5 Stars