Get Bruce Lee’s Moves on Your iPad
You might be impressed with the martial arts antics of Chuck Norris (along with the many humorous quips about his athletic prowess and his ability to defeat all foes), but it is his Chinese costar from Way of the Dragon that many consider to be the best martial arts practitioner of all time. Bruce Lee is probably best known for his turns on the silver screen, or his infamous 1-inch punch, but it is the school of martial arts he founded, Jeet Kune Do, that endures long after his death. As you may or may not know, Jeet Kune Do, or the way of the intercepting fist, is a little different from some other forms of martial arts in that it is both a philosophy and a fighting style. Lee believed that through going beyond the bounds of methods and molds we could develop a martial arts style that acted as an expression of ourselves, an extension of our feelings. Of course, the style also has a practical side that includes simple movements that use minimum energy for maximum impact. Perhaps the mystery surrounding this incredible fighter and his philosophy is what has made Jeet Kune Do so enduring, but for those that are interested in martial arts, there's no denying the allure of this changeable form, which encourages users to cast off that which is not useful and continue searching for what works. And for modern practitioners looking to learn a little more about the style of no style or continue their journey with a technological twist, the Jeet Kune Do Free application could provide a useful guide. This freebie for your favorite iDevices comes from StreetCombatTraining.com, which offers martial arts training videos in addition to their apps (including Self Defense Trainer - Martial Arts Jiu Jitsu). And while the philosophy of Jeet Kune Do may be difficult to express in the limited medium provided by a mobile app, this program can definitely offer you some moves that fit the style. The first thing you'll need to know is that the name comes from the idea that every interaction with another fighter is an opportunity not to react, as with other forms of martial arts, but to intercept an opponent's attack. This includes cues or tells that fighters may not even be aware of, such as weight shifts that can help one fighter to predict the movements of another. Of course, this is something that the fighter has to learn and feel for himself; it cannot necessarily be taught. However, those who wish to adopt this form can at least learn the economy of movement that Lee is famous for. With examples of pushes, grabs, jabs, kicks, and more presented in video and audio format, as well as a section on weapons, this application provides you with all kinds of interesting content to peruse and movements to mimic. So while you may eventually want to get yourself a few karate supplies and enroll at a dojo, this app provides a good way to check out the form and get in touch with your inner Bruce Lee before you take the plunge with an intensive martial arts education.