‘Catan Game Assistant’ Announcement!
My last post was on Catan for iOS and as I mentioned there, if you enjoy playing the board game then you will not be disappointed with Catan for iOS. It is a very well developed and fun game for iPhone and iPad. Well what if you are new to Catan or do not understand all of the rules? Well there is a new app out just for you. Catan Game Assistant by Mayflower Games, is an app designed to help you understand the board game. What you will need is the actual Settlers of Catan board game, a few friends, and this app. The app will help you set up the game and take you through a few rounds, so you can understand how the Catan is played. When the app is done, you can then continue on and play the game until its conclusion. The app gives you an easy way to learn the rules, without all of the reading! The entire game should run about 90 minutes with half of that using the app. It would have been nice to have this app when I was first playing Catan. So if you need some help or want to help introduce the game to a friend, Catan Game Assistant, might just do the trick.