‘GoDocs’ Updated with new Image Viewer, Professional Spreadsheets Viewer, and More!
Light Room's popular iOS app, GoDocs, for Google Docs and Google Drive has recently been updated bring a whole new set of features and improvements. First off this new update has added a professional spreadsheets viewer along with a nice new image viewer. You can see the full list of changed in this update below. You can download GoDocs from the App Store for $6.99 via this link. This update is free if you already down GoDocs. Enjoy! Professional Spreadsheets Viewer. Introducing support for formulas, charts, drawings and images. All these with more than 3x times faster viewing. New Image Viewer. Viewing big images, screenshots and your favorite photos is beautiful. And fullscreen support lets you focus on your content. Restore Revisions. We've all been there, you removed a part of text and want to restore it. Now with revisions restoration - going 5 or 10 steps back is even easier. Document Previews. There is no need to download big files, to just remember what it is about. Previews grant you instant look on first page of any file.