Create Your Own World With ‘Topia’ from Crescent Moon Games [Review]
If you've ever wanted to create your own natural world you're in luck because Topia by Crescent Moon Games is an iPhone app that costs $0.99 and lets you do just that. As soon as you open the app you will be stunned at how beautiful the graphics are. It's iPhone 5 optimized and simply looks amazing on the larger screen. When you get over the beauty of the app and get started you go through a tutorial that shows you how you can mold your world. You can control and shape the landscape and add various creatures to your creation. You get the full planet to play around with and the controls are extremely intuitive and well suited for touch screens. You can easily create mountains, deserts, vegetations, ponds, rivers, seas and more. You can also populate your world with various animals including birds, pinos, tikes and tapis. If you create too many predators you can kill them with lightning before they eat too many other creatures! You can add as many creatures as you want so you might end up piling hundreds of them in one place just for fun. You can even create paths for your creatures to follow! Once you finish the tutorial you'll easily be able to do all this by simply selecting your tool and touching your world with one finger. You can use two fingers to move around and zoom in. The world changes and evolves over time so it's not as simple as molding your landscape and adding some creatures. It takes time for grass to grow and changes to take place. At the moment you can only play in sandbox mode but more features are promised including more game modes, world sharing, challenges and leader boards. Topia is addictive and fun purely because of how beautiful it looks and how smooth it is to use. The additional features that are promised will be welcomed as they will create more incentives to keep creating. Topia is hugely impressive and there's still plenty of potential for it to improve. It's well worth the $0.99 it costs and I recommend you check it out here. Rating 5/5 Stars