‘Pogo Dog’ iPhone Game Review
Pogo Dog by Dellatron Games is a strategy game that's all about a dog on a pogo stick (as you've guessed already). You play as the dog on the pogo stick and your job is to move parts of the level around so the dog lands at the finish flag safely. Different parts of the level do different things. Some bars move horizontally, some move vertically and others rotate. Most of the bars are safe to bounce on but the light blue ones (known as electro-blocks) need to be avoided. Pogo Dog also needs to avoid various other things on the way to the finish line such as the bombs. To get rid of the bombs you simply tap on them. To score the maximum number of points you need to collect stars and dog bones. To collect stars you simply tap on them but to collect dog bones you need to drag them into the path of the pogodog. You can sometimes get bonus points for collecting three stars of the same color in a row. There are 40 levels to get through and it does actually get quite challenging. Personally, I found it wasn't challenging in a good way. I found the controls and movements seemed better suited for a keyboard and mouse. Dragging the blocks up, down or side to side is very fiddly and gets very frustrating. Even tapping the first blue block to start the game got annoying! The graphics and design of Pogo Dog isn't inspiring either. The quality of iPhone games have improved massively in the past few months and Pogo Dog doesn't quite keep up. The only fun part I found about the gameplay was the task of collecting as many stars as possible while Pogo Dog descended to the finish flag. It reminded me of Jacks. Although I wasn't much of a Pogo Dog, you might find it fun. It costs $0.99 and you can download it here. Rate 3/5 Stars