‘Yumby Toss’ iPhone Game Review
If you're starting to get bored of all the different versions of Angry Birds but still want your fix of physics based games you're in luck. Yumby Toss by PlayGearz has the Angry Birds charm while being unique enough to feel fresh and interesting. Yumbys are adorable characters of various shapes and sizes and your job is to flick the Yumbys through each level and collect all the stolen cakes. To pass a level you need to get each and every cake on the level. There are five types of Yumby you can toss and each of them has their own strengths and weaknesses. Some are good at smashing through the level while others are good at cutting ropes and popping balloons. To pass the tougher levels you need to pick your Yumbys carefully! You can control the Yumbys flight by pressing the up or down button so there's more to passing a level than just tossing the Yumby and hoping for it to get the cakes. You need to control them mid-flight too! If you want to earn the maximum number of points on a level you should aim to collect as many coins as possible while using the minimum amount of available Yumbys to get all the cakes. As you'd expect, the levels become more challenging and interesting as you progress. There are a total of 45 levels split into 5 worlds which is enough to keep you Yumby tossing for a while. The levels are well designed so they're challenging but not frustrating. I do like this game overall but it's not all that original. If you're looking for something different this isn't the game for you but if you still enjoy tossing cute creatures through levels, Yumby Toss is worth checking out. You can download Yumby Toss for free here. Coins, outfits, power-ups and even extra levels are available with in app purchases. Rating 4/5 stars.