‘Home Depot’ App Makes Upgrades Easy
Interior design is far easier in theory than in practice. While it's simple enough to come home from a trip to Pier 1 with an armful of colorful pillows, candles, and assorted tchotchkes to decorate your home, you're going to have to lay the foundations before you ever get to these finishing touches. And despite the fact that you may have an image of perfection in your head that includes wall colors, wood floors, tile backsplashes, and antique fixtures, turning your vision into a reality will take more than a snap of your fingers or a twitch of your nose. You're going to have to figure out what supplies you need to get your house in ship-shape, find said materials and tools, and then make it happen. In short, there are a lot of steps between putting your design ideas on paper and creating the actual living space that you desire. Luckily, The Home Depot app lives up to its lofty motto, More saving. More doing. On the go. It delivers a variety of features that will help you get your home upgrades off the ground.