‘KitchenMath’ Makes Conversion a Snap
While there are some people who can tell you instantly how many cups are in a quart, the number of grams in a pound, or what the heck a jigger is, most people can't do even common kitchen conversions off the top of their head. Of course, there are tools to help you out here. Some cookbooks offer simple conversions on the front or back flap (although not all of them have the foresight to feature these handy charts). And you can certainly fire up your laptop and look online as you cook. But these time-consuming tactics could leave you with a fallen soufflé or charred chard if you happen to be handling time-sensitive recipes. Luckily, there's an app for everything these days, and for just under a buck you can download the handy KitchenMath application to get common conversions at your fingertips.