Top 5 Financial Apps for Apple iPhone
The best thing about Apple’s iPhones is the fact that they can offer something useful to any user, be it a student or a business person. For businessmen and for all those who’s interested in stock markets or just want to manage their personal finances well the App Store has a number of financial applications. There are thousands of such apps, and navigating through them can be really challenging... That’s why we’ve sorted out the top 5 financial apps for the Apple iPhone. Of course, they can be used on the iPad, too. 1. Bill Tracker Bill Tracker is designed to help you pay your bills in time, so it’s one of the most widely used financial apps out there. You just have to input the details of your bills, and each time a bill needs to be paid, the app will remind you with an alert. And that’s not all -- after all, you can set an reminder in your phone’s built-in Calendar or the Reminders app, too. But neither of the built-in apps for the iPhone can count and tell you how much you need to pay or track your payment history, while the Bill Tracker can. Download: from iTunes for $2.99 iTunes Rating: 4+ Ideal for: everybody 2. iTrade If you’re interested in stock markets but are afraid to invest real money in them (it’s a big risk after all, especially for those who don’t know the field well!), the iTrade app is designed just for you. The app will help you get some idea on how stock markets work and provide you with the latest news. You’ll also get the opportunity to create a stock portfolio and learn how to manage it: at the end of each month the app will tell you how well you’ve done. Of course, this is just a game, a realistic one though, and it will help you understand if you can make a real investment in a real stock market. Download: from iTunes for free iTunes Rating: 4+ Ideal for: those new to stock markets 3. Toshl Finance If you’re going to travel to another country, don’t forget to install the Toshl Finance app in your Apple iPhone before leaving! Toshl is a personal finance assistant that helps you manage your finances, plan your budget and track how much money you’ve spent and how much is left. It can also convert currencies of more than 30 countries, which can also be very useful when traveling. Download: from iTunes for free iTunes Rating: 4+ Ideal for: travelers 4. Balance The Balance app is designed to replace paper checkbooks: with its help you can create several accounts and successfully manage your credits and debits in each of them. The app keeps track of the balances in all your accounts and recalculates them every time you enter a new transaction. You can also protect all your accounts with password so that nobody else can see them. Download: from iTunes for free iTunes Rating: 4+ Ideal for: everybody 5. iCanSpend iCanSpend is one of the most popular and easy-to-use iPhone apps for managing personal finances. It gives you the opportunity to enter transactions and track how much money you use from your bank accounts and credit cards – all is available in 8 different currencies. It’s also one of the few apps that offer voice control (in 18 languages), too. Download: from iTunes for $0.99 iTunes Rating: 4+ Ideal for: everybody