‘Slingshot Junkyard’ coming to iOS and Mac!
Infinity Lane proudly announces, Slingshot Junkyard, a crazy new car throwing and crushing puzzle game on the iPhone, iPad and Mac. It combines advanced 3D graphics with simple, accessible and one finger puzzle gameplay. In Slingshot Junkyard things get totally nuts! It's all about throwing cars and crushing cars; do this fast and you'll score massive points! In the game you operate your own customizable junkyard crane which you use to fling cars onto your junkyard. Cars lined up in rows on the junkyard will be crushed into tiny little metal boxes. Sports cars, limousines, busses... they will all fly nicely if you let them! The game comes with state of the art 3D graphics and animations using the award winning Unity3D game engine. Slingshot Junkyard also offers full support for iCloud and GameCenter. Meaning that you can battle against other junkyard owners whenever you want and wherever you want. Key Features: Easy to learn, hard to master; rich gameplay, playable with only one finger. Addictive and fast paced puzzle gameplay. can be played in even just a minute. Fling cars onto the junkyard to have them crushed for points! Compete on leaderboards with friends and other players from all over the world. Join the weekly leaderboards and beat your friends in the weekly token challenge. Earn achievements by completing crazy challenges in the game! Lots of junkyard customizations like the hi-tech, medieval or zombie themes. iCloud integration; play anywhere and resume anywhere on all of your iDevices. High-quality 3D graphics and animations. Use special Boosts for unique abilities in-game. Slingshot Junkyard is set to release September 27th. We'll keep you updated as time progresses.