iPad App ‘No Wait’ Will Text You When Your Table is Ready
Isn't it the pits when you get to your favorite restaurant at 8:00 on a Friday night, ready for your favorite meal, with your favorite friends and realize that everyone else in town has the exact same idea? Only they've gotten there before you. As you make your way through the crowd toward the host with the waitlist in hand, you try to mentally calculate the wait time based on the amount of people you see and the approximate number of tables in the room and scour the bar area for any available seats at the same time. It doesn't work so defeated, you simply put your name on the list and commence standing around. Or you leave, because your stomach tells you to, only to settle for second best. Until now, this very scenario, which is so often the case with popular restaurants, has both denied clientele their favorite food and cost restaurateurs business. Thanks to the development of an app called No Wait, the waiting may soon be over, or at least a lot less painful... Continue reading the review by clicking the following link.