Tweak Week #10
It's been awhile, hasn't it? Anyways let's get down to business! Filippo has done another great tweak. PasswordPilot Pro (PPP). PPP allows you to have your password for your Apple ID already typed in for you when you are buying an application. It's a tweak that will save you time and make it easier when prompts come up asking for your password. There are also setting inside Settings.app that you can configure, where you can add support to Find My Friends, or only make it so that the password fills in for updates only and few others. It's a perfect tweak if you hate typing in your password every time you want to purchase an application from the store. PasswordPilot Pro is $1.99 in Cydia Unlocking your device the same old way over and over can get boring and repetitive but Coates did something I haven't seen in awhile. He made Unlockize, a tweak that customizes the way you unlock. Unlockize lets you choose the way you want to see your iDevice unlock. There are a few like folding, fading, cutting and much more. There is an option to randomize the order if you select more then one so that each unlock is different from the last. It's neat, it sweet and it's great. Unlockize is $1.99 in Cydia If you would like to have your tweak reviewed, please send an e-mail over to foozelz(at)pocketfullofapps.com or shoot us a message on Twitter at @pocketfullofapp or @Foozelz!