Majesco announces two new iOS Games!
Majesco have announced that its RPG, Sci-Fi Heroes, will be available later this summer on the App Store. The free-to-play interstellar adventure gives players of all ages the chance to lead a team of combat specialists to victory over a galactic evil empire, as well as the opportunity to join forces with their friends to collaboratively complete quests, defeat formidable nemeses, and find rare items. Space explorers can battle to save their universe across more than 40 levels on four different planets, each containing unique enemies, landscapes and bosses. Sci-Fi Heroes is our first internally designed mobile game,” said Jeffrey Anderson, senior vice president of social and mobile games, Majesco Entertainment. “With its exciting and innovative gameplay, and incredible co-op fun, Sci-Fi Heroes is the perfect title to show what Majesco’s new mobile and social offerings strive for.” In Sci-Fi Heroes, the diabolical Calimar Space Horde has ruthlessly conquered the four planets of a once peaceful solar system in a hostile takeover, leaving the fate of the universe in the hands of eight ragtag space warriors. Facing insurmountable odds, players will take control of these brave underdogs to help restore peace and kick some serious Space Horde butt. Loaded with finger-tapping excitement, Legends of Loot is the latest free mobile app from Majesco, an innovative provider of games for the mass market. Delivering challenges through a series of engaging quests, twisting mazes and mind-bending puzzles, Legends of Loot takes players on a thrilling journey to save the realm and become a mighty adventurer. Coming soon to the App Store, this role-playing dungeon-crawler game is due to hit mobile devices this summer. In Legends of Loot, the game’s protagonist faces off against evil dragon overlords that are plaguing the once peaceful realm. Starting from humble beginnings, the player will quickly develop into a great explorer as they uncover hoards of gold, rare crystals and ancient artifacts in an effort to restore peace to the country side. With nearly one hundred mazes spread across a multitude of iconic regions, players will need to use their wits to help solve puzzles and lure enemies into fiendish traps. Other features will include: First-Person Combat: Players can use a variety of touch-screen gestures and the accelerometer to attack, parry, shield or dodge with easy-to-use combat mechanics. Skill-based challenges: Evaluating proficiency and supplying massive rewards to only the most clever, these tests promise a wealth of treasure to adept players. Social Gaming: The in-game calendar offers a way to keep track of friends’ exploits and receive advance notice on special events. Through the integrated OpenFeint network, players also can compare high scores and send postcard snapshots of their character to Facebook friends, while he is striking heroic poses in the Treasure Room. Legends of Loot will launch on the App Store this summer.