‘Blogsy’ for iPad Gets a Major Update! [+ Review]
For those bloggers dreaming of being able to blog directly from their iPads without the frustration inherent in current blogging apps that dream just came true. Blogsy, the prevailing blogging app, just got a few key updates, making it way more compatible for iPad users. Bloggers will no longer have to stay glued to a cumbersome desktop or laptop to create blog masterpieces. The new and improved app supports most blogging platforms including WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, Type Pad, and Drupal but has been reported as most compatible with Blogger and WordPress. Featuring much easier ways to include links, pictures, videos, and a rich text mode to allow you to preview your posts, Blogsy makes it possible to blogging very user-friendly with an iPad. It also allows rich text formatting by simply highlighting the text and selecting the format you want from the tool bar. Creators claim that Blogsy is better than the other options out there, including the perfectly adequate WordPress app, because it was created with a touch interface design in mind. Blogsy's new integration with Picasa, Flickr, YouTube and Vimeo makes for quick photo and video uploading. With the drag and drop feature in Blogsy, you can easily get content, pictures, text, and videos into a post by simply dragging it from any website and dropping it into your blog posts. With Blogsy, users can also write and send emails with rich text formatting. So for blog platforms that allow email-to-post posting, Blogsy will still be useful for bloggers on sites not yet supported by the app. For WordPress users, Blogsy might just become their new best friend. In a WordPress blog you can create and edit an HTML or visual version of posts using your iPad. Blogsy also grants users full access to the WordPress Media Library API, so the app includes support for Custom Fields and Featured Images. With one of WordPress's thousands of themes and your iPad, you can create and run a beautiful and professional blog even when on the go thanks to Blogsy. In an ElegantThemes review, a user claims the extra money for a premium theme is well worth the one time payment if you're truly passionate about blogging and since Blogsy only costs $5 from iTunes, you'll have plenty of cash left to invest in of those premium themes. Blogsy is sure to be only the next step in blogging technology. With several platforms to choose from and within each platform, so many different choices, the world of blogging doesn't seem likely to disappear anytime soon. The CEO of Blogsy, Lance Braton, said he and his crew created the app because as bloggers themselves, they were fed up with the other options available. They grew tired of still depending on their desktops or laptops for content management when creating blog posts from their iPads. They saw what a powerful blogging device an iPad could be with a more user-friendly app and voila, Blogsy! Rating: 5/5 stars.