How to: Unlock an iPhone 4S
You can unlock your iPhone 4S for free. Do you want to give Apple $649 dollars? I will answer that question for you... No! You can now unlock your iPhone. All you need is an iPhone that is jailbroken and some time. Below are detailed instructions on how to unlock your iPhone. As noted by 9to5Mac: Step 1: Go to Cydia, add repo.bingner.com, and search and install Sam Bingner’s Subscriber Artificial Module (SAM) package. Step 2: Launch SAM by tapping the SAMPrefs icon. Step 3: Go to utilities, and then select “De-Activate iPhone,” but make sure the iPhone is deactivated under “More Information.” Step 4: With SAM enabled, select the “By Country and Carrier” in “Method,” and then find the iPhone’s carrier. Step 5: Go to “More Information,” copy the International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) in SAM Details, and then tap ”Spoof Real SIM to SAM.” Step 6: Return to the main SAM screen, change the “Method” to manual, and then paste the copied IMSI string. Step 7: Now you are going to connect your iPhone to iTunes, and let it reactivate your device. Step 8: Double click the “Phone Number” parameter in iTunes to check and ensure the ICCID matches the SIM card. Repeat from Step 1 and onward if it does not match. Step 9: Remove the usb cable from the computer, and quit iTunes Step 10: Disable SAM in the SAMPrefs app. Ignore the source article that instructs to uninstall SAM and delete the lockdownd folders. Step 11: You now wan to connect your iPhone to your computer and open iTunes. iTunes will appear and claim it cannot activate the iPhone. Step 12: Close iTunes, because is fun! I’m joking really close iTunes. Now you want to open it again. Upon launching, iTunes will activate the iPhone. The result—one unlocked iPhone! There you have it, that's all you've got to do! Now you can enjoy a unlocked iPhone 4S.