Tweak Week #7
First off, I am sorry for pushing last weeks and yesterdays Tweak Week to today. I was on Spring Break last week and I recently got a job. But I am still going to push things forward and try to keep up with this Tweak Week. Curiosa, a tweak that we all have been waiting for, is out in Cydia. Curiosa gives Cydia notifications of when tweaks have been updated. But behind the scene, it actually refreshes Cydia and updates the database. So next time you go into Cydia, it will be updated with all new stuff including updates just as it was if you were in Cydia and refreshed it yourself. There is a price to pay. You cannot find this in Cydia's own Repos, you will have to manually add the new repo yourself. The new repo is http://rpetri.ch/repo/ and you just add that and search Curiosa and you can now install it! Curiosa is free, but in a different repository. This isn't new, but its update just fixed everything that was messing it up before. Winterboard is a theme software that masks icons, lockscreen and various others to do different stuff and is all reversible. I'm sure that a lot and 99.99% of all jailbreakers known about Winterboard so I will not go into it as much. Winterboard is really great now, it's fast, easy and there are a ton of themes out in Cydia and is awesome to see all these themes being applied! Winterboard is free in Cydia. Sorry that there aren't a lot of tweaks this week, but we should be back in schedule next week. Thank you for reading! Follow me on Twitter: @pfoa_foozelz and @foozelz.