The “Dream: ON” App: to Influence Your Dreams
Jiminy Cricket once said, When your heart is in your dreams, no request is too extreme. But what happens when your heart isn't what's controlling your dreams? What happens when it's a phone app that is? If it sounds a bit ridiculous (or impossible depending upon your perspective), you might be surprised to know that it's actually something that's on its way to becoming a part of our virtual reality (literally). There is a professor in the UK by the name of Richard Wiseman (University of Hertfordshire) who has just recreated an English version of a Japanese application that will allow people to not just control and monitor their own dreams, but to share them with others as well. The English version of this app is simply called Dream: ON and it basically monitors many of the movements that you make during your sleep while you're in a state of REM (Rapid Eye Movement). How is that even remotely possible? Well, here's the deal. Before retiring for the evening, you can enter into what is called a Dream Store. If you want to dream about living life in a fast pace, you can download On the Run, which will trigger your mind to start running to or from something. If you'd like to have a more peaceful night's rest, then you might prefer something like the Relaxing Rainforest, instead. Yep, for $0.99 a download, you can create your own library of dream triggers to choose from every night. Once you have made your personal dream choice, the next step is to select the time that you want to wake up and the kind of alarm tone that you want to use. Then simply plug-in your iPhone, place it next to the edge of your bed (facedown) near the edge of your pillow and drift off to sleep. What the app is designed to do is to play what is called the soundscape from the Dream Store dream that you selected while you're in your dream state. It is the music that was custom-designed for the application that will then enter into your subconscious and influence you to dream based upon the kind of dream that you selected for that evening. So, how does the sharing part of it come in? Well, it's not nearly as complicated. You simply prove or disprove the power of the application by going into the world of social media (via Facebook or Twitter) to share if your dreams actually matched with what you bought at the Dream Store. It would seem like the inventors knows that may seem cool to some while extremely creepy to others. After all, how can we be totally sure that what's downloading into our subconscious is what the app says it is? Surely enough of us watched the movie, Inception to have our eyebrows go up, even if it's just a little bit (talk about art imitating life). But Mr. Wiseman is one step ahead of us, at least in his marketing plan. For a limited time, you can actually download the starter packet of the application for free and with that comes two soundscapes plus an alarm tone. Oh, the myriad of questions there are (in our awakened state). What if you need a body cleanse and there's an app for that? Does that mean you'll wake up in the morning with the urge to detox? What if you're mad at your boyfriend and you want to get over it? Is there an app that will tell you to forgive him by daybreak? And if we're dependent upon an app to influence our subconscious state, does that mean we'll listen to our own heart's less? It may be an ingenious invention, but those are definitely some things to think about before drifting off to sleep...to a phone app. In the meantime, to the ones that your subconscious currently controls all on its own, sweet dreams.