XLR8 Turns Your Car Into Greased Lightning
Some of us harbor dreams of racing on the NASCAR circuit like Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Juan Pablo Montoya, Jimmy Johnson, Danica Patrick, or some of the other greats and rising stars of the racing world. Others simply like to picture themselves behind the wheel of a classic muscle car, revving the engine as if to signal the start of a street race. And still others have an eye for the finer things in life, including exotic sports cars that purr rather than growl as you cruise down the strip. Unfortunately, most of us will never realize the dream of owning one of these extremely pricy vehicles, much less driving them down the street on a daily basis or running them through the paces on some of the best race tracks in the world. And yet, all hope is not lost. Thanks to an awesome app called XLR8, you could create the illusion of operating such a vehicle. Okay, so developers have yet to create an app that will turn your crappy Saturn or modest minivan into your dream set of wheels. We're all just waiting for the elusive day when we can purchase a cut-rate clunker and make it look like a Lamborghini with the push of a button. The best cloaking device wouldn't hide your vehicle; it would make it look like a million bucks! Oh, sweet day. Until then, you can take advantage of a little app called XLR8. Gamemaker 2XL is best known for Apple and Android games in the racing genre, including MX Offroad, Supercross, and Snocross. But it seems they are also capable of making something that people might actually want to buy. And they're giving it away for free! One simple download may not be enough to turn your hunk of junk into an exotic import or racecar, but it can make it sound like one. This emulator app requires only that you hook up your smartphone to your car stereo and then put the pedal to the metal - XLR8 will do the rest. Using the accelerometer in your iPhone, iPad, and some Android devices, the app can track your car's movement, including acceleration, braking, and turning. It uses this input to calculate the sounds your car might make if you happened to be operating a classic V8 muscle car, a NASCAR engine, a Ford GT40, a Ferrari sports car, or a Lamborghini Supercar. So far these are your only options, but they're pretty good as desirable automobiles go. Although the app uses Hollywood-level sound recordings to mimic the gear shifts and tire squeals that will make it seem like you're driving a far cooler car than you are, you probably won't be able to emulate some of your favorite movie chases like the Mini Cooper BMW getaway in The Italian Job, the BMW and Peugeot chase in Ronin, or the stellar matchup in Bullitt (even though you have a V8 muscle car in the lineup you should probably leave that one to Steve McQueen). However, you can have some fun with your friends or even make your dream of owning a sweet ride just a little more realistic when you plug in your phone and turn on the XLR8 app.