YoYo Games launches Two New Games!
YoYo Games is pleased to announce that Simply Minesweeper and Simply Word Search, the latest titles in its Simply series, are now available as universal apps for iOS. Simply Minesweeper takes the classic puzzle design and wraps it in a unique visual style while adding a host of new features and options for extended play. Simply Word Search re-imagines everyone's favorite puzzle with stunning HD graphics, hand-picked word lists and a brand new way to play. Simply Minesweeper and Simply Word Search are free, ad-supported titles, with players able to remove advertising with a simple in-app purchase. Simply Minesweeper Featuring unique visuals, animations and sound effects, Simply Minesweeper is the definitive edition of the minesweeper template and includes finely-detailed HD retina graphics for retina-capable devices. YoYo Games has expanded the basic gameplay with eight levels of difficulty and the ability to create new boards with a Custom Game mode. Usability has been given plenty of consideration, with touch control methods including pinch to zoom and swipe to move gestures. Rounding off the extended features of Simply Minesweeper is a range of 30 achievements and eight leaderboards, with full Game Center support on iOS devices. Features: Eight levels of difficulty from Easy to Nuclear. Custom Game - customize the number of mines and tiles to create your own field. Universal support for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad as well as Android phones and tablets. Beautifully hand crafted HD graphics. Pinch to zoom and swipe to move for larger boards. More than 30 achievements to unlock. Game Center Support for iOS devices. Simply Word Search With more than forty categories to choose from, various board sizes to play on and two gameplay modes, Simply Word Search provides a feature packed, content rich experience like no other. Along with a standard mode of word search puzzles as people know and love them, YoYo Games has introduced a survival mode, which adds a unique twist to the classic puzzle. In survival mode players must find all the words on the grid before the clock reaches zero, with extra time being awarded for each word found. Features: Beautifully hand crafted HD graphics Universal support for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad as well as Android phones and tablets. Over 40 categories available for free, including animals, insects, cars and pirates. 5 board sizes to choose from on tablet and 3 board sizes to choose from on phone. Hand checked family friendly words. Two game modes: Standard and Survival. Game Center support for iOS devices. 34 achievements to unlock. Easy Highlight and R16;Letter Magnifier. Simply Minesweeper and Simply Word Search are available to download now for free from the App Store. Enjoy!