Battle at Sea: Old Alert – Classic battleship iPhone game! [Review]
Are you a fan of the classic battleship board game? If yes, then you'll love playing Battle at Sea: Old Alert in your iPhone. The app has no fancy shows and no gimmicks, it's a plain, easy to play battleship game and its simplicity is what leads to it scoring high marks. Battle at Sea: Old Alert is a iPhone game developed by ASH Applications and is available to download from the iTunes store for just 99 cents. The game, as I said, is simple and easy to play. Its interactive and as in the board game, strategy is the key here. If you think you could win by just randomly firing the grid, you will be amazed to see the computer beat you in a jiffy. The game comes with a multi player option which can be used to play with family or friends via either Bluetooth or WiFi. The layout is pretty similar to the board game, you position you fleet in the grid and hit go to play. In the app screen, once you've started the game, you'll see a big grid where you'll be guessing where the opponents ships are and firing at them. In the left you will see your own fleet and how is it performing. There is a small box in the bottom left of the screen which indicates the turn of play and a Captain or Pirates face screaming every time you've been hit or sink the opponent's ship. The developer should take note that after some time the voice of the captain starts to get on your nerves. It would seem that you would do yourself a favor if you mute your iPhone while playing the game. Once you've sunk all the ships the game ends and is quite abrupt. There are no scores, no levels, no awards and even nothing to share about your achievements to say, even to your Facebook friends. That's a bit disappointing given that the app is paid for. I would have liked additional levels or some added features like different bombing options or even a leader-board for scores to make it exciting. Nevertheless the game is addictive and if you liked the board game, I am sure you'll love this one. You can download the app from the iTunes store from here. Final Rating - 4/5