‘Picnic Wars’ for iPhone [Review]
For some strange reason, iOS games that have something to do with food are always a hit in the App Store. Take Fruit Ninja for example, it's success in the App Store has brought it to the Xbox and other popular platforms. Picnic Wars for iOS is no different as it is an extremely fun and emerging game which is based on food. The main goal in Picnic Wars is to plant, grow and shoot talking fruits at the opponent which is either the 'fruits' or 'veggies', whichever you choose. Both sides have different power ups and characters. Overtime you will earn seeds and bundles. You can use these as currency to purchase more plants and catapults which you will then use to bring down your enemy. To shoot at your enemy, you have to pick one of your planted plants and drop it in your catapult. You can then move your catapult and launch your plant. If you hit your opponent's tower, it will take damage and eventually fall. Once the tower falls, you win the level you are currently playing. Your first few plants will be pre-planted and ready to use once you start the level. If for some reason you need more plants, all you have to do it tap on the bag of seed which will plant your remaining seed. Finally, Picnic Wars features 32 levels of combat in two different difficulties, easy and hard. While these two difficulties feature the exact same maps the only major difference is the difficulty and the food you play as. For instance, on easy you play as the fruits and on hard you play as the veggies. My Thoughts One of my favorite things about Picnic Wars is it's amazing graphics. This game features very cartoon-like graphics with a really polished feel. To me, this really brings the game together and adds a very creative edge to the game. Another thing I've really enjoyed about Picnic Wars is the gameplay. It almost feels like an Angry Birds remix while maintaining it's own originality. While this may sound strange in theory, It's definitely a fun and addicting combo. Conclusion Coming in at only $0.99, I can safely say that I highly recommend Picnic Wars. This is because of it's great graphics, interactive gameplay and a slew of challenging levels. If you want to check this game out for yourself, pick it up in the iTunes App Store.