How to: Use Apple’s “Find my iPhone” to track a lost/stolen iPad
So you recently go our brand new, awesome iPad and want to be able to keep track of it just in case if it gets lost or stolen. Well, thanks to Apple's Find my iPhone app, you can track any iOS device you have as long as it's registered with this free service Apple provides. Continuing on though, if you want to sign up for this service and use it, follow our how to guides below. Registering for Find my iPhone/iPad Go to the Settings app. Tap on iCloud then Account and sign into iCloud. Make sure that the Find My iPad switch is on. Using Find my iPhone/iPad on the Web Go to the iCloud website and log into your iCloud account. Click on 'Find my iPhone'. The next screen will show you all your iOS devices. Those that are found have a small green dot next to the name of the device, those with out that green dot have not been found. This may be due to no internet or cell network connection to locate the device. Click on the device you want to locate. i icon next to the name of your iPad and you will have three options listed: Play Sound or Send Message. Remote Lock. Remote Wipe. If your iPad is offline and has not been found, you still have the options to the following when it is found: Play Sound or Send Message. Remote Lock Remote Wipe Email you when iPad is found Using Find my iPhone/iPad on your iOS devices All you have to do is download the Find my iPhone application onto your iPad or any of your iDevices. Once you log in, you'll be able to see on your iOS devices connected to this service and do any of the tasks you can in the web version. Enjoy!