‘Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort for Mac’ [Review]
While the Sim City series of games has always been fun, it has usually turned away casual players because of its intense rules. If you're looking for a city simulator without all of the rules of Sim City, you may want to check out Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort. Your objective: complete all of the assigned missions and build the best city possible. Below, we have crafted a full review of this game giving you our full thoughts and whether or not you should pick it up in the Mac App Store. To start, Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort features cool graphics with a slightly 90's retro feeling. This definitely adds to the Sim City feeling of the game which will be a hit for fans of the classic title. While the graphics may be close to stellar, the user interface tends to be clunky and confusing when navigating through menus. For instance, the main menu is extremely cluttered with advertisements for G5's other iOS games. Now let's get into the actual gameplay of Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort. When you first launch this app, you will be prompted to start a new game. Once you've done this, take a look at the bottom portion of the screen. You will notice a bottom-bar which allows you to build things, view your objectives and control your trucks. The game revolves around trucks as you use them to either transport goods between towns or in between buildings in your city. Finally, you can also build different types of buildings which serve different purposes such as producing pizzas and corn. To me, this game is a great time killer. This is because each level is different and features a new set of extremely addicting goals and challenges. I would definitely recommend picking this game up once it hits the iTunes App Store for iOS. In the meantime, make sure to check out this game's prequel, Virtual City. Rating: 4/5 Stars