‘Batman Arkham City Lockdown’ Gets a Huge Update
Brace yourself folks for some super exciting news -- Batman Arkham City Lockdown from Warner Bros. has received a huge update featuring Harley Quinn, a new level, more skins, and more as well. Back in December of 2011, we got the chance to review the game and really liked it. If you haven't picked it up yet, well you're missing out on lots of fun. Full change log and additions in this version 1.2 update are: INTRODUCING – HARLEY QUINN!! NOW UPDATED WITH A BRAND NEW LEVEL, MORE SKINS AND ACHIEVEMENTS! BRAND NEW MISSION The World of Gotham City expands as Batman must track down the Infamous Harley Quinn. Fight your way through Harley’s henchmen and enjoy all new gameplay, using Batman’s Batarangs in a timed showdown. TWO NEW BATMAN SKINS – BRUCE WAYNE (Free!) AND BATMAN, INC. Two more playable Batman skins, with all new stats. Fight through your missions as Bruce Wayne, included free, or purchase the Batman, Inc. skin now! LEVEL UP AND ACHIEVE This update includes more achievements, new WayneTech training, and an increase in the level cap. Now you can play longer and achieve more. • Harley Quinn Mission: o New timed thug fight • Batarang mini-game • Bruce Wayne skin (Free) • Batman, Inc. skin (IAP) • More achievements • Level cap raised from 30 to 35 • New type of WayneTech Training: Critical Strikes This update is free to download if you already own Batman Arkham City Lockdown, however, the game can be picked up at a reasonable $5.99 for first time buyers. In the mean time though enjoy this update and we'll keep you posted in the future about any more updates!