‘SpellCraft School of Magic’ Receives its first massive Update
Heads up everybody -- Appy Entertainment’s free social RPG, SpellCraft School of Magic, is being updated to version 1.1! Version 1.1 is a huge update: beyond the usual bug fixes, SpellCraft 1.1 brings new customization options, a money-growing magical plant, re-tuned difficulty, and various interface improvements. After closely monitoring play sessions in the last two months, Appy has taken note of where players have been having difficulty -- where the game gets too hard or a monster is too challenging. One way to address that was to rethink the Health sub-system. Rather than letting players get in over their head and then have to burn through their cash with healing potions, players can now brew healing spells ahead of time, and save the potion option for emergencies. Appy has also added a new kind of plant -- Goldberry -- that can be harvested just for gold. Taken together, these changes should improve the game's economy and help players enjoy SpellCraft even more by making character progression smooth and consistent. Full changelog for SpellCraft 1.1: New Robes and Hats (Bone Robe/Stormchaser Robe) New Healing Spells (Healing Touch/Rejuvenation/Renew) New, more powerful Wands (Lifedrinker Wand) New Plants and ways to generate Gold (Goldberry Plant) Improved Pets Share screenshots and invites with friends Improved buying process eliminates purchase errors General interface improvements Bug fixes You can download SpellCraft School of Magic for free, however, the game does include in-app purchases and weighs in at 59 MB. Enjoy!