‘Lose It!’ with Your iPad
Losing weight is never easy. How else could the weight loss industry (including diet programs, supplements, gym memberships, and more) command billions of consumer dollars each year and continue to grow? We're all looking for a magic pill that will help us to reverse those pesky holiday gains, get back to pre-baby weight, or even lose hundreds of pounds that we've spent a lifetime amassing. But what many are coming to realize is that it's not just hard work to lose weight and keep it off; it's actually a lifetime process that never ends. So it's essential to develop a sustainable plan for healthy eating and exercise to lose weight, get fit, and allow our bodies to function like they're supposed to. And believe it or not, there are apps out there to help you reach your weight-loss goals. Of course, most aren't worth the money (even those that are free). But Lose It! for the iPad is one notable exception. User reviews don't lie, and approximately two-thirds of commenters gave this app five out of five stars thanks to a user-friendly interface and an approach to weight loss that really seems to work. Of course, it also has some great features that anyone looking to drop unwanted pounds is sure to love. For starters, you should know that this app is basically a tracker (for food and activity). So it does require some commitment on your part. But it offers you a lot of help in the process. The main feature that will likely provide a draw is the massive database of foods and activities to choose from complete with calories, nutrition information, and portion selection. You'll begin by inputting your own information, starting with your weight-loss goals so that you can determine a budget of daily calories set to help you reach them. Then you simply track the foods you eat and the activities you perform. With many foods and exercises already available in the application, plus the ability to add, modify, and save foods, recipes, and workouts, you should have no problem losing weight. In fact, a whopping 85% of users have reported at least some weight loss. And when you connect the app to your free online account (at LoseIt.com), you gain access to additional tools like an online community (add friends for support), sharing options (Facebook and Twitter), scheduled reports sent to your email, automatic data backup, and reminders (in case you forget to track). There's even a barcode scanner to help you find foods in the database (or enter new ones). And incredibly, there are no ads to bother you, despite the fact that this app is totally free. This is one case where it sounds too good to be true but it actually isn't. The click here, instant gratification mentality that permeates our society has left many of us more than a little overweight. But we don't have to give up and give in to mediocrity and poor health just because we're surrounded by fast food, processed and prepackaged meals, and a society geared towards remaining sedentary. We can take control of our lives, get fit, and look and feel great. It may not be as easy as pushing a button or taking a pill, but it can be done and the Lose It! app can help you to reach your goals no matter where you are or what you're doing.