LCSW Exam Review for Apple
The choice to become a social worker is not an easy one, although there are many admirable reasons to enter the field of social work. Most people want to help others, whether that means going into the line of family or child welfare, entering the school system, working for better medical, health, and substance abuse services, or simply helping to plan and make policies that create opportunities and better conditions for the underserved masses. But the sad truth of the matter is that social workers in every field are often underappreciated and underpaid; most face an uphill battle against limited funding, bureaucracy, and the poverty that many of their clients live in. So it takes a particular sort of selflessness and altruism to go into social work. And if you are one of those rare types, there are a few good apps out there set to make your path a little easier. LCSW Exam Review for the iPhone, iPod, and iPad is one of the best. In order to become a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) you must meet several requirements. Mainly you will have to complete specific coursework (pertaining to child and spousal abuse, substance abuse, human sexuality, elder care, and so on) as well as a set amount of supervised work time in the field you want to specialize in. Of course, like any licensed position, you must also pass an exam to demonstrate what you have learned. This is the LCSW Standard Written Examination, and while it's probably not as hard as taking the bar exam to practice law or the handful of tests needed to become a CPA, it's still a major written test that will determine whether or not you are fit to become a social worker. Luckily, there is an app developed by social workers that was made to help you study for and pass this exam. LCSW Exam Review ($2.99 on iTunes) is a flashcard app that contains a comprehensive review covering every subject you need to pass the exam, according to the description. You can choose from topics like Growth and Development, Theory, Diagnosis, and Ethics and take advantage of nearly 800 study questions. In addition, you can add comments to flashcards and even create your own cards to fill in gaps or include material that you think might help you study. Although this app will not stand in for your actual coursework and you may still want to use study guides as well, it provides an excellent mobile supplement to help you refresh your memory and study for the LCSW Exam. And if you're forging ahead and shooting for a master's degree in social work (like an online MSW), you may also want to check out the Social Work Master's Exam Prep app ($4.99) to help you study for the LMSW exam. While this app could also help those looking to become a licensed clinical social worker, and you may want to download it simply to supplement your own education, it's really meant for students that are moving towards an MSW. So you may not want to muddy the waters until you have first passed your LCSW Exam.