New ‘Oregon Trail: American Settler’ for iOS Infographic
In 1974 the widely popular computer game The Oregon Trail was produced to teach school children about the life of the 19th century pioneer as they made their way from Independence, MI to Oregon's Willamette Valley. In 2008, Gameloft launched a refreshing remake of the acclaimed classic using updated visuals and gameplay for mobile and smartphone platforms, while maintaining its nostalgic luster. Now, three years and millions of downloads later Gameloft has released the second installment to the popular franchise, Oregon Trail: American Settler, which ventures into the story beyond the 5-month 2,000 mile trek across the nation. In light of this news, Gameloft would like to invite you check out our new infographic on The Oregon Trail: American Settler, highlighting some of the key facts and figures to emerge out of the first few weeks since its launch. Most popular items purchased in-game Number of different natural disasters to hit players settlements Notable special events happening in-game Number of people to have fallen ill of dysentery/died within the game Click on the image to see the full size.