‘Jelly Defense’ gets Christmas Update
Infinite Dreams, award-winning mobile games publisher announced that the highly anticipated game Jelly Defense was selected for inclusion in Best of Mac App Store 2011. Additionally iOS version of the game gets Christmas update. Everybody at Infinite Dreams are in good mood after Apple named Jelly Defense among Best of Mac App Store 2011. This feature collects the year’s best apps, chosen by the Mac App Store editorial team, for customers to explore and download. “We’re extremely happy to get this recognition from Apple, and we are grateful that our fans helped us to achieve such big success on both Apple platforms. I have no doubt it will encourage our team to follow our path, improve ourselves and continue to make more good games.” – said Tomasz Kostrzewski, Infinite Dreams CEO. Jelly Defense was an instant hit and reached the #1 spot over 82 countries in the App Store strategy games category. This innovative classic turret defense gameplay combined with the intense action and beautiful graphics now brings more reasons to play. What's new: Two winter levels for Christmas evenings. Challenging endless level. New and cozy music track. New leaderboards. Increasing the difficulty after finishing the game isn't mandatory anymore. You can now go back to previous levels. Minor performance improvements. Minor gameplay adjustments. Reindeers & cookies! Jelly Defense tells the story of Jellies defending their planet against powerful invaders who want to conquer their world and steal the mighty Crystals of Power. The player has for goal to join the resistance, fight against the enemy and become the ultimate Jelly hero by leading the Jelly forces to victory! Jelly Defense is a unique, appealing and addicting fight for freedom which requires both heroism and wisdom! Jelly Defense offers over 20 campaign missions, 2 Christmas levels, 8 unique power-ups, 10 towers to strategize with, normal and hardcore speed mode. High-resolution eye-catching gorgeous graphics, awesome 'Jelly' world and fantastic sounds are the most important advantages of this production.