Ninja Kiwi Launches ‘Extreme Tilt Snowboarding’ for iOS!
Ninja Kiwi, a leading developer and publisher of web and smart phone games, have announced the release of its tilt-control snowboarding game, Extreme Tilt Snowboarding, at the App Store for iPhone and iPod Touch. Using simple tilt controls, Extreme Tilt Snowboarding lets the player create their own mountain slope and jumps, so with a flick of the wrist players can catch big air and then perform dozens of aerial tricks with simple gestures. The better your jumps and tricks, the more in-game Cash you earn, which you can then use to upgrade your snowboard to one of 15 progressively better boards. As if that's not enough, players can also buy one of the 10 rocket boosters to strap onto their boards, and when space shuttle rockets meet snowboards, the jumps and tricks possible get truly extreme. Players can discover 15 mystery trick combos to rack up massive scores, and compete on Game Center for high score and to unlock all 18 Achievements. Ninja Kiwi prides itself on creating original gameplay - looking for new twists on quick, fun gameplay that we already enjoy, said Stephen Harris, the game's creator and Co-Founder of Ninja Kiwi. We didn't invent snowboarding, but we did invent making your own mountain and jumps with tilt control. That's what makes the awesome tricks so rewarding - because the player creates every second of extreme air time in Extreme Tilt. Extreme Tilt Snowboarding is available for $0.99 from the App Store on iPhone and iPod Touch. About Ninja Kiki Ninja Kiwi® is a leading developer and publisher of games for web, Facebook, and smart devices. By focusing on quality, original games for its website, ninjakiwi.com has become a destination for gamers looking for the highest quality games on the web, Facebook, and smart phones - games such as Bloons®, Bloons TD®, and Driller Bunny. Founded in 2006, Ninja Kiwi is headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand and does business as Kaiparasoft Limited. Game players eager to find the best original digital games can follow the Ninja Kiwi name and logo, or stay in touch at http://ninjakiwi.com/Forum/forum.php or at the Ninja Kiwi Games group on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_67759173816.