‘Let’s Create! Christmas’ Released!
Infinite Dreams, award-winning mobile games publisher announced the release of Let's Create! Christmas. This amazing, charming and unique special app will allow you to craft beautiful Christmas baubles! Infinite Dreams' 100% FREE tool will gather your whole family around and provide an innovative but yet fun way of designing magic Christmas items! Different shapes, true-to-life decorations, splendid ornaments, astonishing brushes, gorgeous graphics and charming Christmas music are the most important advantages of this production. This new app from the best selling Let's Create! series brings you also a fun, creative and addicting way to express your Christmas wishes by sending to your friends and beloved a one of a kind, virtual postcard. Let's Create! Christmas is available for free celebrating the Saint Nicholas Day! It is worth pointing out that the application was designed for iPad 2 and iPhone 4S beautiful, high-resolution display and optimized for A5 processor performance. About Infinite Dreams Inc. Infinite Dreams Inc. is a game development studio located in Gliwice, Poland. With over 10 years of experience in the industry the company focuses on creating top quality games for all most popular mobile operating systems including iPhone OS, Android and Windows Mobile. The company cooperates with major international publishers and software distributors in Europe, North America and Asia. Sky Force – a title created and published by Infinite Dreams – is the highest rated Polish mobile game of all time. Currently the company is one of the most important software providers for the next Nokia's OVI Store. Hooked On: Creatures of the Deep by Infinite Dreams was the best-selling and top rated N-Gage game in 2008. The company is also an official and certified Sony PSP, Nintendo WiiWare and Nintendo DS developer. [appext 483103832]