‘SPY Mouse HD’ Released for iPad!
Danger. Intrigue. Stealth. Cheese! EA has finally released the iPad specific version to SPY Mouse dubbed, SPY Mouse HD. With all new exclusive content, features and HD quality graphics, help Agent Squeak feed his need for cheese as he embarks on his biggest, bite-sized mission ever! Features include: BIGGER, BOLDER, AND BRIGHTER – Get more danger, more intrigue and, most importantly, more cheese with vivid HD quality graphics. COLLECT SUPER SECRET DOSSIERS – Gather clandestine information and clues that will help you complete dangerous missions. SNEAK, SCAMPER AND SNACK THROUGH 70+ LEVELS. Complete 72 stages across 6 different worlds on your quest for cheese. Discover secret levels and hidden areas. Foil traps with fake mice and speed up with chili pepper boosts! EVADE FELINE FOES Slip past cunning cats with zany gadgets, gizmos and power-ups. Craft sneaky strategies to avoid detection! Sharpen your subterfuge and survive 6 epic boss battles. BE STEALTHY WITH COVERT CONTROLS Guide Agent Squeak through puzzling scenarios and complete missions with fingertip control. It’s easy to learn – but be warned! There’s enough strategy-based action to challenge the most seasoned spy mice. Enjoy! [appext 471112976]