‘Battleloot Adventure’ Announced, coming from Digital Tales!
Digital Tales, CG Commercials and E-learning systems, announced the upcoming release of Battleloot Adventure, for iOS and Android platforms for February 2012. The title, developed by Digital Tales, is an original mix between RPG and Strategy that will take players through cartoonish, fantasy inspired maps straight into the heart of wealthy Kameloot, where a mercenaries band is looking for fame and riches! Since the Kingdom Sovereign declared new and exaggerated taxes, rivalry between the region four cities has heighten dramatically. To gain the benefits of tax relief, each city aims to fetch the Grand Gossip Notoriety Prize. This waging competition has gathered plenty of mercenaries and bandits, ready to make the most out of it, and collect gold in either legal ways or... not! Players will be tasked to hire a party of adventurers who will swear allegiance to one of the four cities, as long as they can make something out of it, and then challenge rival mercenaries looking for the same wealth and fame themselves. Fighting magic entities, brigands and bizarre creatures, players will move across Kameloot different areas, using up to three characters at the same time. With intuitive and fast paced controls, their strategic skills will be put to test when facing all the different battles along the way. Strengthen team members with new equipments and items, unlock new adventurers and have fun trying all the different combinations between their skills and spells. Achievements and Game Center support, to climb on-line rankings to become the richest and most famous Kameloot mercenary, adding to your city fame. Battleloot Adventure will be available sometime in February of 2012.