Telltale Games Hatches ‘Jurassic Park: The Game’ on iPad 2!
Jurassic Park fans everywhere are ready for today’s release of Telltale's -- Jurassic Park: The Game. The title landed on the App Store yesterday so book your return back to Jurassic Park and embark on an adventure that will captivate you on your iPad 2! The Jurassic Park experience on the iPad 2 is definitely not one to be missed. By truly maximizing the processing power of the iPad 2, Jurassic Park: The Game delivers breath-taking cinematic scenes and graphics so lush you'll feel as if you’re playing the movie. Touch screen not enough? With the Apple AirPlay functionality and Apple TV you can actually watch the cinematic adventure unfold right on your big screen TV, as you play it on your iPad 2! Jurassic Park: The Game is a cinematic adventure that takes players back to Isla Nublar during the events of the first Jurassic Park film. Players will experience Jurassic Park as they never have before in an interactive format. In addition to locations and creatures familiar to fans of the movie, the game offers new areas to explore and new prehistoric beasts to survive in a game that combines fast-paced action, exploration and puzzle-solving.