‘Cosmic Cab’ from Sybo Games Released
Get the breathtaking, tilt navigating, humorous 3D experience while racing space-customers through wormhole boosters in the newly released iOS game, Cosmic Cab from Sybo Games. The game is released for iPhone and iPad and the objective is to drive aliens to their destination, by tilting your phone to avoid obstacles, and taking shortcuts by leaping over gaps in the intergalactic highway. Earn cash by collecting antimatter and get tips by breaking the safety regulations and getting to the destination faster. As you pass through the 25 tube-like highway levels of various difficulties new gameplay elements and themes are introduced. Unlock new skins for your taxi, get advice from spaced out aliens, find out what the passengers are scared of - and you might just end up saving the universe itself. “The idea was to create this crazy universe, where aliens drive around in cabs in outer space. Players immediately get sucked into the twisting tubes on the hyperspeed highway by tilting and tapping their phone while using ramps to jump across huge chasms of the infinite cosmos”, says game developer Bodie Jahn-Mulliner. Cosmic Cab is available for all iOS devices for $0.99.