Today’s Free Apps: 26th September 2011
Mr. Runner, iGibbets, Tangled 2 and Logic are free today. All prices are subject to change at any time. Prices are only under control of the developers. Mr. Runner: Speed up or slow down running to stay in safe zones and avoid falling blocks, explore the game world in a time limited mode or life limited mode. Download (iPhone/iPod Touch) iGibbets: iGibbets is an easy, entertaining and exciting game. You’ll have to make a small effort to save a lot of people’s lives. All you need for that is already at your fingertips: accuracy, attention and logic. The controls are very simple: put your finger on the bow and direct the arrow to the required point. Sounds easy, but being a hero means acting fast. Mistakes are literally fatal! Download (iPhone/iPod Touch) Tangled 2: Tangled 2 has taken the Planarity type puzzle game to a whole new level that no other similar game on the AppStore can match! The new Action mode is 100% original and there's nothing like it in the AppStore. Download (iPhone/iPod Touch) Logic: The game of Logic is a great educational and teaching aid for your young child. It makes the basic learning of colors and shapes easy, and it helps them find similar shapes (figures) and colors in a challenging yet fun format. As they grow and develop, your child can have fun with pictures, letters and numbers. Logic is a 5-in-1 game of inter-related activities allowing you to help your child expand their comprehension, judgment and decision-making. Download (iPad)