You Can Take a Vacation and Still Get Stuff Done
Getting off the grid and checking in on work don’t have to be mutually exclusive. August 9, 2019 7 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Traveling is a big part of the entrepreneurial journey. For starters, it’s good for business. Despite how convenient technology has made it to communicate with others, nothing tops those face-to-face interactions. Additionally, we all need time away to reduce stress and anxiety. For better health, I’ve personally found a business owner should take at least four weeks of vacation time. The thing is, we can’t completely go off the grid for an extended period, and you can work without jeopardizing the trip. Here are nine ways that make this possible. 1. Put your priorities front and center. Listed priorities are even more vital than usual when you know that you have an upcoming trip. That way you make sure to work on the most critical stuff before leaving. Anything that isn’t urgent and essential can be postponed until you return. Moreover, it prevents you from increasing your workload before your departure. You should be getting as much off your plate instead of adding to it. As an added perk, when you only have to focus on a handful of priorities, it’s still possible that you can attend to them while traveling, allowing you to get work done without sacrificing your entire vacation — and providing peace of mind. Related: How Much Vacation Time Should You Be Taking? 2. Pass the baton. Another action you should take before getting out of Dodge is handing off responsibilities to others. Put someone in charge of putting out any fires and delegate tasks for your team to work on while you’re gone. If you have the time, schedule one-on-one meetings with these individuals