When It Comes to Your Business, Are You Competing or Creating?
Serial entrepreneur Ryan Moran provides tactical advice on creating true value for your audience. August 10, 2019 4 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Ryan Daniel Moran has been an entrepreneur since he was five years old. His first gig was creating hand-drawn pictures on computer paper, knocking on people’s doors and asking them to pay a penny for each of his drawings. Today, Ryan is a well-respected leader on entrepreneurship. As a serial entrepreneur, author, and investor, Ryan’s main focus is on creating lifestyle freedom — helping people create lasting businesses and investing the profits wisely, while enjoying a higher quality of life, and working less. Related: 4 Ways to Make Value Creation Core to Your Business Ryan stayed true to his roots when talking to Entrepreneur, encouraging other entrepreneurs to create — as opposed to competing — for a slice of the pie. “What can I get?” vs “What can I create?” “I’ve noticed a trend in the world of entrepreneurship, specifically the internet entrepreneurial world, where the approach is less about what I can create but instead what can I get? “The difference comes down to the intent at the beginning of the transaction. My company name is The system of capitalism depends on both parties getting more than they give in a transaction. An entrepreneur’s job is to create the thing that people want more than they want money. “Oftentimes entrepreneurs — especially on the internet where we live behind screens and look at numbers and traffic and algorithms — are very tempted to look at a marketplace like or even eBay or Etsy and simply say ‘Where is their opportunity?’ ‘Where is their money to be extracted?’ versus ‘What can I give that is so valuable that people can’t help but pay me