What Millennials Really Want From Weed
Cy Scott of Headset Inc. joins the Green Entrepreneur podcast to talk about interesting buying habits August 10, 2019 15+ min read Our guest on the podcast is Cy Scott, the co-founder and CEO of Headset, Inc, an analytics service provider for the cannabis industry. Their customers look to them for market research and data analysis and they source that data from retailers and dispensaries across the US and soon in Canada. So basically, Cy Scott has his fingertips on information about the burgeoning cannabis industry that is very hard to research, and for that reason his customers pay a pretty penny, sometimes up to a quarter of a million dollars, for his research. But you don’t have to pay anything today, because this podcast is absolutely free and Cy has generously lent us his time and his knowledge and today we’re going to look at specifically the millennials and what they are buying and what they are consuming. So Cy and I had a great conversation. We talk about why and how he started Headset,Inc. after exiting Leafly. We talk about the challenges in collecting data on the industry and how they are working to overcome those challenges. Then we take a deep dive into what millennials want and what they don’t want in cannabis, what their consuming habits are, what they’re purchasing and what are some of the top-selling brands in the space. Someone once said that without data you’re just another person with an opinion. I hate opinions, but we’re about to give you some data. Here is Cy Scott. What’s the a-little-bit-longer-than-an-elevator-pitch version of Headset? Cy: Yeah, so Headset, we’re a market intelligence company for the cannabis industry and we help cannabis operators whether that’s retailers, product manufacturers or