Train Sim World 2020 Arrives Today on Xbox One
Winning is a slippery concept, something seen everywhere in today’s gaming culture. Gone are the days when everything was about getting the fastest time or the highest accuracy; to any one of us winning could mean something different – collecting all the achievements, perfecting a flawless run or something as personal building a castle in Minecraft that you think is beautiful. For Train Sim World, winning is about accuracy and control, not speed – which makes it far more challenging than a simple race. Train Sim World has always had a scoring system but for the Train Sim World 2020 update we wanted a system that reflects the demands on real rail drivers and engineers while also feeling like a game with easily accessible mission objectives, the ability to track and study performance and most importantly a way to understand how to improve your scores so you can truly master the rails. It’s hard enough moving these massive machines without having to wonder about your scores! Train Sim World 2020 introduces our new Action Point scoring system. Players will be able to see where points are earned for reaching their objectives, along with the impact of any mistakes such as speeding, passing signals or missing a station. When stopping there are more bonuses up for grabs, you’ll be graded on stopping accurately at the right spot on the platform (which new players frequently miss by hundreds of yards) and how close to “on time” you are (no surprise to anyone this can also be quite a challenge…). Earlier delays put pressure on you to speed up to meet your timetable, but speeding penalties mean you’re always fighting to avoid going too fast – with the new Action Point system this impossible problem is now firmly in the players hands! During