Meet Microsoft Game Stack Developers at devcom 2019 for Panels, Ideas, and More
Next week is one of the biggest gaming shows of the year: gamescom! And for game developers, that also means devcom. This year, team Microsoft will be representing at both conferences: devcom from August 18 to 19 and gamescom from August 20 to 22. If you’re a game developer, we have a jam-packed lineup of talks, demos, and games to play in our booth. We’re bringing game development experts from Microsoft Game Stack for tools across Azure and PlayFab, Xbox, Project xCloud, Havok, Visual Studio, App Center and more to support you and get you answers to the pressing questions you have in your game development. If you have plans to attend, we’d love to meet you and hear about what you’re working on! Let’s talk about the show happening at Congress Center East where we have several exciting and informative talks to kick off devcom starting Sunday, 18 August. The Psychology of LiveOps – Hall 11, Stage 4 at 12:30pm CEST, Sunday 18 August In our first talk we’ll break down how online games increasingly rely on live operations to grow and engage their player base and how LiveOps can expand fun through continual engagement and modular features. And we’ll explore how player psychology impacts your design and live operation. Spatial Sound Platform – Dolby Atmos Stage at 1:30pm CEST, Sunday 18 August Sunday’s second talk focuses on our Spatial Sound Platform. Here, we break down the fundamentals and best practices, and show off some cool implementations around how spatial audio can be used to increase the fidelity and overall experience of your video games. LiveOps Workshop – Showfloor Stage at 4:00pm CEST, Sunday 18 August We then take it to another level on Sunday afternoon with a LiveOps Workshop, hosted by our PlayFab team. Here, you’ll pick up