Catching Up With Tanya Odom
It’s been a year since ‘Disrupters’ hit the book shelves. Tanya Odom speaks up about her past year of adventure, reinforcing the idea of how this Wonder Woman can do just about anything. August 9, 2019 7 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Tanya Odom, global consultant and coach has spent a lifetime honing her “powers” as a leading a voice for human rights, diversity, equity and mindfulness. While some may point to the usual characteristics that set Odom apart — her grit, smarts, humility, authenticity and that certain something that is hard to put a name to — most likely it’s her vulnerability that may just be her biggest disruptive, Wonder-Woman-like super power. After a year since Disrupters introduced readers to Tanya, we sit down for a conversation to discuss her path of disruption and self-care. What have you been up to since Disrupters hit the shelves? These past few years have been particularly difficult for managers who are faced with leading during uncertainty. While I continued to facilitate conversations globally, including with several U.N. entities focused on connecting people and starting dialogues highlighting the current social-political climate that can often be divisive and stressful to talk about. I also welcomed new clients, relationships and projects this year. The work enabled me to work in a more consistent frequency with teams, small groups and committees, including a lot more work with diversity and inclusion within the tech sector. The topics I work on are heavy; they can weigh on you. What happens outside of work becomes just as important as inside of work. Like most, I live an integrated life. This year has been particularly difficult. My father passed away in mid-February. I have learned a lot about grief, healing and vulnerability. I have much more empathy for people who are caring for others, or