Plant-Based Doctor James Loomis Gives Hope for the Future of Healthcare
Facebook1Twitter0Linkedin0Email0X Yummly0 print This Interview will Give you Hope for the Future of Healthcare Dr. James Loomis: “This is Too Important” Why would a well-established doctor close his successful medical practice in St. Louis to move to Washington D.C.? Leaving the home he had known for 30 years, to join a team of revolutionaries with the PCRM, Dr. James Loomis did just that. His personal journey will inspire you to take control of your own health. His continuing work will give you hope for the future of medicine. The 3 Month Prescription: “Let Food by thy Medicine” To any outsider, Dr. James Loomis seemed like a relatively healthy guy. An avid athlete, he was in-shape, maintained a healthy weight, and generally felt good. Like most people, by saying “I eat healthy”, he meant he didn’t eat too many cookies or doughnuts. His dietary reliance on meats, cheese, and refined flours could be burned off by his regular running, swimming, and biking routines. Then he got injured. The impact on his knee meant he had to cut out the running. His diet caught up with him, and he began to put on the pounds. His blood pressure started to rise. He had trouble sleeping, requiring the assistance of a CPAP machine. He was even prescribed medication for heart arithmea. He began “collecting doctors” who gave him an arsenal of medications to combat the symptoms of poor health. As a physician, he understood the goal of getting better numbers. Yet he found himself drowning in a