Letting Go of Perfection: Why Yoga is “Practice”… not “Perfect”
Facebook0Twitter0Linkedin0Email0X Yummly0 print As the seasons change from summer to fall, the trees shed their leaves. They let go of bright, colorful life, in the hopes of rejuvenation. It is a reminder to me to let go of some of the pressure I place on myself: Let go of the things that no longer serve me so that I can make way for new life, for new energy. One of the pressures I am trying to shed is the pressure of PERFECTION. Most of my life, I have striven for an unrealistic standard of perfection. This perfect standard has served as a motivator, pushing me to constantly strive for better. It has likely been one of the main reasons I’ve become a successful business owner and chef. Yet it has also been a source of self-destructive thought as Perfection often comes with “that wasn’t good enough”. In the past few years, I’ve taken up Yoga. Yoga reminds me to let go of that PERFECTION and embrace PRACTICE… A few years ago, I was a staunch candidate for the “I don’t do yoga” team. In the past, I’ve gone through waves of yoga – on and off for a few month, maybe a pigeon’s pose after a long run. It had been years since my last actual class. One reason I resisted yoga was because of the pressure I felt in taking it: I would be in a room where others know me as a fitness instructor. My body would