Step Three: 4 Fruits a Day, An Easy Change towards a Healthy, Plant-Based Life
Facebook0Twitter0Linkedin0Email0X Yummly0 print My third, 5-minute “Get Healthy” Simple Step: 4 Fruits a Day Pop question: Would you rather eat: 1 “Healthy” Energy Bar 200 calories 13g fat 15g carbs 6g fiber 6g protein Gone in 6 bites or: 4 Pieces of Fruit 230 calories 1g fat 58g carbs 11g fiber 3g protein 4 snacks you can spread throughout the day Answer: Pick the fruit It’s so simple, it’s ridiculous. When you’re craving a sweet treat at the end of a meal, a juicy burst of flavor, or a crunchy, crispy snack — reach for fruit. Fruit is “Nature’s Candy”. It’s all-natural, unrefined goodness. It is packed with nutrients like Vitamin C, Potassium, fiber, and even a shot of protein. It’s gluten-free, plant-based, and you can splurge on organic for less than the cost of fancy granola bars. Sadly, though, most of us aren’t eating enough of it. In fact, only 33% of adults are eating fruit 2 or more times a day. That means most of us are eating only 1 (or even none!) servings a day. Fruit is a healthy source of vitamins, fiber, and natural sweetness. It can be a delicious treat any time of day, convenient for on-the-go snacking or an impressive healthy dessert. With a rainbow of colors and flavors to choose from, fruit provides endless recipe possibilities. Could you eat: Strawberries at breakfast An orange at lunch A banana as an afternoon snack, and An apple with cinnamon for dessert after dinner? Or