Hole Chaser with Masahiro Kajihara – PA66 | Pixelated Audio
Some games are just flat-out terrible and destined to never to see overflowing love from the gaming world (but that's okay). This describes Hole Chaser for the PC-8801 perfectly. If you were to pass over this game because of its graphics or because of the erotic storytelling you would be missing out on one truly amazing soundtrack by Masahiro Kajihara. In this episode of Pixelated Audio we're making sure that this music isn't forgotten and can receive some of the love it deserves plus an interview the composer! Track List: 0:00:10 Opening (OPNA) 0:07:14 BGM 1 0:13:23 BGM 2 (OPN) 0:15:55 BGM 5 0:22:35 BGM 2 0:27:01 BGM 5 0:39:39 BGM 3 0:40:29 BGM 3 0:46:32 BGM 4 0:47:28 BGM 4 1:05:02 BGM 6 1:25:01 Ending Hole Chaser (PC-88o1) composed by Masahiro Kajihara かぢゃぽんのお部屋 (Kajapon's Room) Packs contributed to vgmrips.net by 2ch-H