Eleven Things about me, as asked by RunJumpScrap | PinksCharming
I was set the Eleven Things challenge by the lovely Sarah at RunJumpScrap, and these are my answers to the questions she asked: 1) Name 3 people dead or alive you would have dinner with and why. 1. Elvis Presley. OK it’s a bit of a cliché but I went to Graceland (his amazing home in Memphis, Tennessee) when I was a student living in America, and I got a bit obsessed with him! I’d want the young just-starting-out Elvis, not the 70s jump suited Elvis to come to my dinner party, though the spangly suits would add a touch of glamour! 2. Douglas Coupland. One of my favourite authors and generally interesting person. 3. Kylie Minogue. My idol since her Neighbours days. Enough said! 2) Why did you start blogging? To record some of the funny things my girls do and say, as I know I’ll forget them all too soon! Here are a few posts along those lines: Our Girls’ Latest Antics. Ava’s Review of ‘Cinderella’. Ava’s Antics: 50 Shades of Pink. I also wanted a kind of informal portfolio page to show off a few of my copywriting pieces, as I am a freelance copywriter and journalist now. 3) Where is your favourite place in the world? It’s a toss up between New York, which I visited quite a few times in my student days and with Ryan, and San Fransisco, where we spend a week of our honeymoon. If I were to move abroad I would definitely choose one of them, such exciting places with so much going on. 4) What is your favourite perfume (if you wear it)? La vi est Belle by Lancome. Scrummy. 5) Most embarrassing moment? Oh good grief, as a mum there are hundreds! I think I have blocked most of them out! A recent one was when I took Ava to the toilet on a day out and we got into the cubicle, and she said, incredibly loudly, “Mummy, that lady had a very fat bottom.” The shame! Luckily the poor lady in question was drying her hands at the hand dryer, so I tell myself she couldn’t hear over the noise of the dryer. Really, really hope that’s the case anyway! 6) If you could learn a (or another) language what would it be? Italian. I know a few key phrases like how to ask for the bill, but would love to speak it properly. 7) Favourite film? I find it too hard to narrow it down to one film but Steel Magnolias is definitely up there. It’s amazing and makes you laugh and cry in equal measure, always a good sign. 8) Thing that annoys you the most? My cooker! Seriously it is the bane of my life! I cannot wait to get a new one as it consistently ruins my cooking. 9) Android or Apple? Apple. No contest! I haven’t used a PC for over eight years. I wouldn’t even know how to turn it on now! 10) You have £1000 to spend in a shop – which shop and what would you buy? I think it would be as it has such amazing furniture. I’ve had my eye on the most gorgeous sofa for the past year, but there’s no point getting it as it will just get ruined by Ava and Thea! 10) What’s at the top of your bucket list? I don’t really have a bucket list but I do dream of going to America again, when the girls are older. Ryan is very keen to take them to Disneyland, and I think that would be great fun. 11) What is your best feature? Probably my eyes, if you’re talking physical feature. I was blessed with naturally long lashes. Now, here are my 11 questions: 1) What’s the most exotic place you’ve visited? 2) What’s your make-up must-have? 3) Best piece of advice you’ve been given? 4) Favourite book? 5) Top online shop? 6) What’s your middle name? 7) What unusual celebrity do you have a major crush on? 8) Tell me an interesting or random fact about yourself. 9) Favourite font, and why? 10) What charity would you donate to if you won a bit wedge of money? 11) What’s the last text you sent? So do you fancy having a go? I nominate The Hearty Life, My Random Musings, and The Hungry Homemaker and look forward to reading your answers!