Our visit to RHS Wisley | PinksCharming
As it’s the Easter holidays, Ryan has taken the rest of this week off work. We were going to go away for a few days, but instead, we decided to go on day trips, as the weather forecast didn’t look very promising. Actually, the weather has been gorgeous, but never mind! I bought Ryan Royal Horticultural Society membership for Christmas, and we haven’t had the weather to use it yet, so after we had such a nice day at Kew Gardens (read more here) we thought we’d visit the nearest RHS garden, which is RHS Wisley, near Woking in Surrey. Technically not that far from us, but sadly, quite a long way around London, via the M25. Ugh. We got there eventually though, with the aid of some carrot sticks! We had an absolutely fantastic day (the weather certainly helped!) and Ryan got lots of inspiration for our garden. Here are a few photographic highlights… We will definitely be going back to Wisley in the summer, and probably the autumn too, as we are members! It’s so child-friendly and easy with the buggy, and there is also an education centre which we didn’t have time to visit on this trip.